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Valentine’s Day

Flower arrangements from Monkey Flower Group

Flower arrangements from Monkey Flower Group

Valentine’s day can be a ton of work. Allow us to help. We will prepare a three course dinner for you to finish at home. We are partnering with Monkey Flower Group and Napa Bookmine to organize perfect floral arrangements and unique letter-pressed cards to complete your celebration.

The Menu - Serves 2 - $75

Garden lettuces, goat cheese, picked herbs, and sherry vinaigrette

Mushroom-stuffed chicken ballotine with roasted potatoes, broccoli di ciccio, and mushroom cream sauce.

Citrus-almond cake, cara cara oranges and dark chocolate bark

Add an impeccable Monkey Flower Group floral arrangement for $40.

Choose the perfect Napa Bookmine card at pickup for $6