Ham for the holidays.

There is no better way to celebrate than with Contimo Provisions smoked ham.  We use only heritage pork, brined with molasses and salt, and slow smoked over alder wood.  Our hams are subtly smokey and full of flavor.  They rise to the occasion as the centerpiece of a holiday meal, and make for excellent leftovers and are perfect for that late night sandwich.  


WHOLE SMOKED HAMS -  Molasses brined and slow smoked these hams are perfect for holiday feasts.  $16/pound Available in 3 sizes while they last. Reserve yours today! 

CONTIMO TURKEYS - Just like our thanksgiving turkeys - these birds are brined, deboned, stuffed, and tied to look like a classic turkey, but without those pesky bones. They include the turkey, sausage stuffing, and stock for gravy! Only 5 left! - 3 Small $240 and 2 Large $295

BUTTERMILK BISCUITS - Our buttermilk biscuits make the perfect side.  They come partially baked, so all you have to do is finish them in the oven for 5 minutes. Available in multiples of 12. $18/doz. 

BACON -  Great for brussels sprouts or breakfast, our cubeb peppercorn bacon is dry-cured with salt and spices and slow smoked over alder wood. $18/lb

SAUSAGES - All of our sausages are available loose or linked - Chili, Fennel, Pepper, White and of course our Breakfast Sausage - $12.75/pound

COUNTRY PATÉ - The perfect gift for the host and great to snack on while dinner is being made, our country style patés are unparalleled in flavor and quality $25/pound

WINTER SQUASH GRATIN - Slow roasted kabocha squash puree, roasted butternut and delicata squash, savory date-lemon compote, and toasted pumpkin seeds. $18/each 9” pie tin

KALE & CITRUS SALAD KIT  - Lacinato kale, chicories, supremed citrus, toasted seeds and nuts, and a delicious lemon vinaigrette ready for you to toss and serve.  Serves 6-10 $18.50

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - A Summer's worth of work went into these cookies.  Made with whole wheat, dark chocolate, sea salt, and heirloom oats there is nothing better to leave out for Santa... if they last that long. $5/three pack $20/dozen

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Holiday Ham
Molasses brined and alder wood smoked boneless ham.
Stuffed Turkey
Deboned, brined and stuff turkey with sausage stuffing and stock for gravy.
Dozen Biscuits
Dinner roll sized buttermilk biscuits - available by the dozen.
Bacon Pack
Dry cured heritage pork bacon - packs are 12-16oz
Fennel Sausage (loose)
Heritage pork sausage with fennel seed and chervil. Order by the pound
Pepper Sausage (loose)
Heritage pork sausage simply seasoned with salt and pepper. Order by the pound.
Urfa Chili Sausage (loose)
Heritage pork sausage seasoned with urfa (a smoked turkish chilI) and lemon zest. Order by the pound
Breakfast Sausage (loose)
Heritage pork sausage delicately seasoned with coffee and maple. Order by the pound.
White Sausage (links)
Heritage pork sausage, emulsified with lemon, chives and milk. Order by the pound
Country Pate
Heritage pork and rabbit pate with prune plums from Bera Ranch.
Winter Greens Salad Kit
Kale, chicories, citrus, toasted seeds and nuts, and lemon vinaigrette - serves 6-10
Winter Squash Gratin
9" Round Gratins
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Available in 3 packs ($5) or 1 dozen ($20). - Perfect for Santa!
Please select a day to pickup your order at our shop at 500 First Street in Napa (at Copia).