Grilled whole branzino with cherry tomatoes, herbs, and grilled bread.

Grilled whole branzino with cherry tomatoes, herbs, and grilled bread.

Contimo-quality meals and farmer's market vegetables seasoned for you to finish and serve. 

Co/Pro Meals were a great hit in the off season.  Now that the Farmer's Markets are back on we have combined the best of both worlds.  As the season progresses we will be partnering with Gauchito Hill Farm to create a simple recipe each week with on of our great dishes and their amazing vegetables. 

Pre-order by emailing us what you want to reserve.

Menu for June 2nd-3rd

Biscuits - $7.50


Ham & Jam 

Bacon & Molasses

Pimento Cheese


Intelligentsia Roasters Organic Coffee

Black Coffee - El Gallo Breakfast Blend - $3

NOLA - Lightly sweetened cold brew with coffee, chicory, and splash of milk - $4 (return the jar for 50 cents)

50¢ off when you bring your own cup or buy a biscuit & coffee drink. 


Grab & Go Sandwiches - $12

Roast Beef - wood-fired roast beef, roasted peppers, Oregon cheddar, and pickles

Ham & Cheese - ham, ricotta cheese, smashed peas with mint

Carrot - raw, roasted, and pickled carrots, smoked onion puree, and lettuces. 


Co/Pro Meal for Two - $25

Short rib and ricotta stuffed canneloni with preserved tomatoes


Heritage Pork Sausages

White Sausage - heritage pork blended with chives, lemon zest, and cream. If boudin blanc were Californian. - $12.50/pound

Fennel Sausage - heritage pork sausage with fennel seed and hears - $12.50/pound

Breakfast Sausage (loose) - coffee & maple infused pork sausage - $12/pound


Bacon - $18/pound

Dry-cured heritage pork bacon seasoned with floral cubeb peppercorns and smoked over alder wood.


Pork & Cherry Paté - $25/pound
Country style pork pate wit cherries and pistachios (a fan favorite!)


Pimento Cheese - $9.50/tub

Aged Oregon cheddar with roasted peppers and fresh herbs

Chocolate Chip Cookies - $5/three pack

Dark chocolate chip cookies made with whole wheat and heirloom oats.


Fats - $8/pound

Fats are available by Pre-Order only.  Please email to reserve.

-Bacon Fat

-Pork Fat


Don’t see what you want?  Let us know what you’re missing.

***Some items are subject to sales tax***

St. Helena Farmer's Market - May to November - at Crane Park in St. Helena - FRIDAYS 7:30-12


Napa Farmer's Market - April 15 - November - 195 Gasser Drive in Napa - SATURDAYS 8-12:30